By HAKKI, Aug 5 2017 01:07PM


FINALLY! The first set of pictures are up on the look book page and there will be more! This time behind the camera was Lina Toivonen and Efesia Bangura and Tony Joakim in front of the camera. I mainly jumped around with wood in my hands.

It was a nice summer day in Turku and we enjoyed taking these pictures. We all had a good connection and everyone made this photoshoot so easy!

°Disco Sally° is already a new favorite and the first batch made by Turku designer Markus Leppäkoski, was sold out fast! Now Sally's and TRIO's are made in Helsinki by Lasercutstudio.

°Serafina° in walnut is also a new favorite and the pics of her will be out soon.

I hope I inspire You to use more wooden jewelry, it's a natural material and so beautiful as it is. That way you always have the nature close to you.



My god look at these two! Gorgeous!
My god look at these two! Gorgeous!

What´s that woman doing in the picture?
What´s that woman doing in the picture?

The crew! So grateful to have so nice people to come and help me !
The crew! So grateful to have so nice people to come and help me !

By HAKKI, Jul 13 2017 05:42PM


The hakki look book will soon be updated with new photos! I must say I´m blown away by the results! This time behind the camera was Lina Toivonen, who is one of the founders of 'Smooth It' in Turku. I chose her this time becuase she really has an eye for photography and she was kind enough to take time off her busy schedule to come and shoot for me :)

I had the pleasure of inviting Effi and Tony i front of the camera who are two of the most goregous and coolest people I know in Turku!

What a great team and what a great photoshoot we had! I can't wait to show you the pictures!

The jewelrys we used was

Disco Sally - earrings

Serafina Walnut



Blanca - earrings

Lily birch

LOU birch

LOU walnut

Cheers! -HAKKI

By HAKKI, Jun 6 2017 05:56PM


Hakki Design can be found at PUF Design Market once again! :) PUF design market is my favortie store in Turku. It´s beautiful and unique and I'm happy to have the HAKKI family here again.

Happy shopping!

_ Hakki

By HAKKI, May 10 2017 06:29AM

Hey guys!

With Mothers Day coming up, we are glad to be a part of the Nordic Designer´s Pop-up store in ITIS Helsinki. You can find the whole HAKKI-collection toghether with the new familymembers like Sally, TRIO and Högsåra "A real heart". This is the third time ND* pop-up is being held and the first time for HAKKI DESIGN. Hope you will find your way to our table! ;)

By HAKKI, Apr 7 2017 11:48AM

Hey everyone, hope you're having a fabulous start on the spring!

I've been noticing some springflowers popping up from the ground which makes me so incredibly happy! And speaking of pop-ups, we have some real good news for the ones of you that live in Helsinki or the ones who might be going there during the month of May. Nordic Designers' Pop-up Shop is going to be selling HAKKI DESIGN from the 2nd of May until the 31st of May! At the moment this is the only store where you can buy HAKKI from. If you can't make it to the pop-up, remember that we always have our webshop open!

- Sara

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